28 Years Later Will Infect the World in June 2025

Image: 20th Century Fox

Over the last few months, news has slowly come tricking out about 28 Years Later, which fans of the first two movies have been wanting for a long time. We know Danny Boyle’s back in the director’s chair with returning writer Alex Garland, and that Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Jack O’Connell are headlining it. As for when it comes out? June 20, 2025.

Sony Pictures broke the news late on Friday after adding the movie to its domestic calendar for next year. At time of writing, it’s not known who’ll handle its international release. (It’s not the first time this has happened with the series: 28 Weeks was released by 20th Century Fox in the UK and Fox Atomic in the US.) With luck, Sony will stick to that June date: in the last few months, the studio’s shifted around the release dates for several movies, including its newest Karate Kid, Kraven the Hunter (a few times, really), and the horror film They Listen.

When io9 spoke to Garland in April, he explained that he’s spent years not having any interest in doing another entry in the series…until he got hit with an idea and decided to chase it. Details on 28 Years Later are still under wraps, but what is known is that it’s being used as a potential kickoff point for a new trilogy of films. Nia DaCosta is reportedly up to direct the second of those, but it’s currently unknown if Garland or Boyle will have a hand in that, or if it’ll see any of Years’ cast return.

So if all goes to plan, 28 Years Later will be out in US theaters on June 20, 2025. At least you have plenty of time to catch up or rewatch the first two films.

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