25 Great Things About The Phantom Menace

25 Great Things About The Phantom Menace

Image: Lucasfilm

Everything about the visual identity of the Naboo is meant to evoke this idea of a pacifist people, a society that prioritizes trade and cultural exchange over military might. When we do see military capability, it’s couched in this ornate, sleek design language—we already mentioned the starfighters, but everything from the immaculate wood-handled blasters to the uniforms of Theed security, to the battledress worn by Padmé and her handmaidens, all informs our view of Naboo society.

Which is why it’s incredibly funny when a seemingly captured Padmé turns the tables on Nute Gunray by popping over to her throne and activating an opening panel in one of its arm rests… to reveal like, four or five holdout pistols just hidden in there, which she rapidly tosses around to the captured guards to take out the gathered Battle droids and make Nute Gunray and Rune Haako the actual prisoners. Sure they knew things were getting tense with the blockade prior to the Trade Federation’s invasion, but how long has Padmé had those hidden there? And why?

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